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Optional Components for the Chronic OSTRACODTOXKIT F

  • TK36    Chronic OSTRACODTOXKIT F with Heterocypris incongruens (3-5 tests per kit)

Test Biota

  • TB36     10 Tubes with Heterocyris incongruens cysts

Test Containers

  • TC34     10 Multi-well plates for chronic ostracod tests

Test Media

  • TM11     10 Sets of concentrated media for fresh water toxicity tests ( 10 X 1 EPA medium)

Test Foods

  • TF12     5 Tubes with algal food for chronic ostracod tests + de-immobilization medium
  • TF14     10 Tubes with Spirulina powder for pre-feeding

Test Items

  • TI18     5 vials with Lugol fixative for short-chronic rotifer and chronic ostracod tests
  • TI19     5 vials with reference sediment for chronic ostracod tests
  • TI21     15 small petri dishes (Ø 55 mm)
  • TI22     5 microsieves for chronic ostracod tests
  • TI27     10 sheets Parafilm for rotifer and crustacean tests (3 x 2 squares)
  • TI34     50 micrometer slips for chronic ostracod tests
  • TI35     15 glass micropipettes (5 x 3) for chronic ostracod tests
  • TI36     10 wide mouth pipettes for chronic ostracod tests

Equipment Needed

  • Incubator with lateral illumination
  • Light table with traspartent stage
  • Luxmeter
  • Dissection microscope with transparent stage

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