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ALGALTOXKIT F is a Cost-effective, culture and maintenance free bioassays with micro-algae Selenastrum capricornutum (renamed Raphidocelis subcapitata/Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata).  72 hour microbiotest for Toxicity screening of pure compounds, effluents, sediments, wastewaters, and surface and ground waters.

algae toxicity testingThe Algal beads that are 2mm in size contain more than 1 million algal cells per bead.  The micro-algae are designed to be set free in demand so that the user can focus on the testing and not on the production of the algae.
Algae Growth Inibition Test
Once the Algal beads are set free, the algal cells are ready for testing.   Each Algaltoxkit contains enough materials to perform two 72hr growth inhibition tests.

TK41 Algaltoxkit F

Each ALGALTOXKIT F contains all the materials necessary to perform two growth inhibition tests with the freshwater microalgae Selenastrum capricornutum. Easy to follow instructions and detailed illustrations are provided in the kits for the conduct of range-finding and definitive tests. The test organisms are included in the kits in algal beads from which the microalgae can easily be set free on demand, in less than 30 min, to supply the live biota for the conduct of the assays.

·         Algal beads of high quality produced in strictly controlled conditions preclude variability associated with recruitment/ maintenance of livestock’s of microalgae in exponential growth phase, in conventional bioassays.
·         Highly uniform quality of the test medium is achieved by simple dilution of Concentra-ted solutions of selected chemicals, with deionizer water.
·         Standardized “long cell” test containers (10 cm path length) constructed of biologically inert materials ensure uniform exposure conditions.

A Quality Control Test with a reference chemical is described in detail, for accuracy and reproducibility check.


  • The ALGALTOXKIT makes use of unique disposable “long cell” exposure chambers (10 cm path length), which also serve as measuring curettes for direct determination of algal growth by optical density measurements.
  • Labour time for testing is significantly reduced by the direct measurement of algal growth in the long cells in a (suited) spectrophotometer.

Shelf-life of the algal beads is guaranteed for several months when stored properly, reducing test scheduling constraints

·       Tubes with algal beads, concentrated algal growth and toxicant dilution medium, long cells and holding trays.
·        Detailed Standard Operational Procedure brochure, abbreviated Bench Protocol, OD/N regression sheet, data scoring sheets and graphical EC50 calculation sheets.
·       Specification sheet with batch number of the algal beads and the media.

·       Bioassays can be started within 30 min. from the “de-immobilization” of the microalgae from the beads
·       Simple handlings and scorings
·       Daily scoring of the optical density of the microalgae in the long cells takes less than 15 min.
·       A floppy disc for easy Toxkit data treatment can be obtained on demand.

·       Comparable to the sensitivity of the algal growth inhibition test with microalgae from laboratory cultures.

·    The ALGALTOXKIT is used in many laboratories worldwide for routine screening of chemicals and environmental samples·
      Substantial number of publications reporting data for various uses.
·    The ALGALTOXKIT microbiotest strictly adheres to the protocols for regulatory testing with microalgae, prescribed by international                organizations such as e.g. the OECD and the ISO.

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Fresh Water Algae Toxicity Test

The Algal Toxkit FTM is designed for the Toxicity Screeing of Pure Compounds, Effluents, Sediments, Wasterwaters, and Surface and Ground Waters.

A list of selected references is available upon request.
All the materials included in the ALGALTOXKIT are also available separately.


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